Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music

Now, I am going to post something that people consider Lou Reed's worst CD. I find it hilarious, he pretty much made a CD filled with just noise just to piss people off, so I am going to post this.

Remember when you download this, do not complain after, its seriously just strange noises, Im just posting it for the hilarity of it.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lucky Stiffs - Gold In Peace, Iron in War

I virtually know nothing about this band, but I actually like them, my buddy picked up the cd for 2 dollars. Here is all I could pick up on them.

The Lucky Stiffs are a punk rock band from San Francisco, California. They released a split with the Bouncing Souls that got them on the charts, and put out Gold in Peace, Iron in War on Pirate Press Records in 2006.

Hopefully you enjoy the cd!

Pegboy-Strong Reaction

Pegboy was an US-American punk band from Chicago, founded 1990 by John Haggerty (who played guitar with Naked Raygun), along with his brother Joe Haggerty (drums), Larry Damore (vocals/guitar), and Steve Saylors (bass). Both Damore and Saylors had been members of Chicago-based hardcore band Bhopal Stiffs. Pegboy’s 1990 debut EP, “Three-Chord Monte”, was also the first release by Quarterstick Records, an off shoot of Touch And Go Records. Steve Saylors dropped out in 1992 after job commitments prevented him from touring. Steve Albini, a longtime friend of the band, filled the bass slot on the “Fore” EP. Former Naked Raygun bassist Pierre Kezdy became the permanent bass player in 1994. Per their record label, Pegboy disbanded in 2000 but still plays sometimes around Chicago.

Sack Lunch - Sack Lunch

Sack Lunch is possibly my absolute favorite Ottawa band ever. To me the whole genius of skate punk is that it is simple, and that is what sack lunch, a simple Skate Punk band.
Its actually refreshing as in ottawa it feels as if I am plagued with all these fucking "hardcore" kids with all their hardcore bands, which is cool and all, but please not all the time.

Anyways check them out please xD I love this band.

Three Penny Opera - Countless trips from here to here

This band is an older-ish band, well not that old from ottawa named three penny opera that are actually descently well known for a Ottawa band, because really there is not many well known. I consider them Emotional Hardcore- Punk, and well they are pretty good, give them a listen, they are pretty cool.

The Visitors - Lost on the globe

The Visitors are also from Ottawa, Ontario. They Play pop punky, thrash oriented punk music about visiting different places in the world, and it is very fun and very catchy.

I really like the Idea of this band with the whole visiting other places, and is a change from the more hardcore punk that I listen to. Anyways give this cd a check, its really cool.

Al Kinda

Al Kinda is another Band from My hometown Ottawa. I find them to be an amazingly great band, though they are sort of very hard to explain as a genre. They are definitely punk, very very punk, but there is something else. I could really only sum it up to being what would be experimental punk, which is actually very amazing. In Ottawa there are a lot of bands that all attempt to be well...the same band pretty much, and its lame, but this band is different and good.

I actually had the chance to see them live when I went to go see Guttermouth at Mavericks and I was pretty much blown away by how well they played and the originality of them music, though I came out with sore ears as they play some of the loudest stuff I have ever heard.

Here are my own rips of their three albums, so check them out o.o.

Heaven Dog - Holy Cow

So I suppose I will make posts, Im really only going to posts stuff I think you guys may not have heard out of my collection, as I love to share my love for punk music.
So I hope you enjoy it, I might be making a shit-ton of posts as I have so much :/ Hope you guys enjoy it.

Here is one I know that absolutely nobody here will ever have listened to as they have come from my hometown and well are not exactly well known. I live in Ottawa, Canada, the nations capital. We have some good and terrible bands here, I plan on upping my local stuff as well as other things.

Heaven Dog are not a popular band, they are in the vein of music of the Doughboys, which are a great band. (Also very hard to find, on the net or to buy, the Doughboys that is).I decided the take a description of Heaven Dog from a website, as im not very good at describing bands really, and this guy (Who books ottawa shows i think) would now of it far better than I because he actually probably saw them live whereas I never have.

Heaven Dog were the next "big" band in the local punk scene, though taking a more pop approach to their punk. they played Club SAW and The Pit regularily and their biggest achievement was playing in front of 1000-odd kids opening for the Doughboys at the Tulip festival. that show included the immortal words "what's a stage plot?" and their first experience with a rider, which saw one of their (underage) friends get a little too trashed. Drummer Ted Wilson (bottom centre) got his start in the entertainment biz on You Can't Do That On Television and currently plays in a rawk band called The Cobras.