Monday, October 5, 2009

Heaven Dog - Holy Cow

So I suppose I will make posts, Im really only going to posts stuff I think you guys may not have heard out of my collection, as I love to share my love for punk music.
So I hope you enjoy it, I might be making a shit-ton of posts as I have so much :/ Hope you guys enjoy it.

Here is one I know that absolutely nobody here will ever have listened to as they have come from my hometown and well are not exactly well known. I live in Ottawa, Canada, the nations capital. We have some good and terrible bands here, I plan on upping my local stuff as well as other things.

Heaven Dog are not a popular band, they are in the vein of music of the Doughboys, which are a great band. (Also very hard to find, on the net or to buy, the Doughboys that is).I decided the take a description of Heaven Dog from a website, as im not very good at describing bands really, and this guy (Who books ottawa shows i think) would now of it far better than I because he actually probably saw them live whereas I never have.

Heaven Dog were the next "big" band in the local punk scene, though taking a more pop approach to their punk. they played Club SAW and The Pit regularily and their biggest achievement was playing in front of 1000-odd kids opening for the Doughboys at the Tulip festival. that show included the immortal words "what's a stage plot?" and their first experience with a rider, which saw one of their (underage) friends get a little too trashed. Drummer Ted Wilson (bottom centre) got his start in the entertainment biz on You Can't Do That On Television and currently plays in a rawk band called The Cobras.

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