Monday, October 5, 2009

Al Kinda

Al Kinda is another Band from My hometown Ottawa. I find them to be an amazingly great band, though they are sort of very hard to explain as a genre. They are definitely punk, very very punk, but there is something else. I could really only sum it up to being what would be experimental punk, which is actually very amazing. In Ottawa there are a lot of bands that all attempt to be well...the same band pretty much, and its lame, but this band is different and good.

I actually had the chance to see them live when I went to go see Guttermouth at Mavericks and I was pretty much blown away by how well they played and the originality of them music, though I came out with sore ears as they play some of the loudest stuff I have ever heard.

Here are my own rips of their three albums, so check them out o.o.

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